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You will find lots of links to resources, lessons and suggestions for wider reading on this blog. Check the recommended reading bar to the right. Wider Reading is very important for your exam question, Section A: Contextual linking. This is where you will be given an extract to analyse and link to your wider reading on the Struggle for Identity.
The Struggle for Identity areas are : Gender, Class, Political, Social, Indidividual, religious and sexual.
One very, very useful text is the New Oxford Student Text which contains extracts of prose, drama and poetry as well as useful comments.
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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The History Boys Alan Bennet Trailer

A Taste of Honey Shelagh Delaney

A Taste of Honey comments on, and puts into question, class, race, gender and sexual orientation in mid-twentieth century Britain. It became known as a "kitchen sink" play, part of a genre revolutionising British theatre at the time.

The Birthday Party Harold Pinter Part 1

This play might work as a comparison with "A Streetcar Named Desire". It is a play about power struggle. You might compare the two Stanleys? or Blanche?

The Birthday Party part 2

The Birthday Party part 3

The Birthday Party Part 4